Weight Information

What is Farming Weight?

Farming Weight is a number that essentially represents how long and how efficient a player has been farming. It is calculated by using a different formula for each crop that a player has farmed, and then adding them all together. Farming XP is not a factor in this calculation outside of one time bonus weight amounts. This is to ensure that players who farm using rabbit or who farm higher XP crops don't have an unfair advantage over players who farm using other methods.

Farming Weight Per Crop

Each crop has a different weight. The weight of a crop is determined by the theoretical maximum amount of crops that can be farmed in the same timespan. The following table shows the amount of each crop needed to increase your farming weight by 1.

Crop Collection Required Per 1 Weight Base Drops Per Break
Cactus 177,254 2
Carrot 302,062 3
Cocoa Beans 267,174 3
Melon 485,308 5
Mushroom 90,178 - 180,356* 1
Nether Wart 250,000 2.5
Potato 300,000 3
Pumpkin 98,285 1
Sugar Cane 200,000 2
Wheat 100,000 1

Base Drops Per Break refers to the average amount of drops you get from breaking a crop without any buffs. Sugar Cane and Cactus actually have a base drop of 1 per block, but because you can break 2 blocks at once, 2 is noted here. Full calculation breakdowns will be added in the future.

* Mushroom weight is calculated dynamically because of the Mooshroom Cow pet. Because Cactus and Sugar Cane are both 2 blocks per break, the cow's perk gives you twice the normal rate of mushroom drops than from other crops. To counter this, you get half the weight from mushrooms for the ratio of Cactus and Sugar Cane farmed out of the total weight, and the remainder is calculated normally.

Bonus Weight

There are a few sources of bonus weight that can be obtained. These are not intended to be a significant source of weight, but rather a small bonus to help players who are just starting out. As well as a fun way to get a little extra weight for completing different farming content in the game.

Source Notes Reward
Farming 50 One time reward obtained upon reaching farming level 50. 100
Farming 60 Additional weight rewarded after reaching both the XP required and unlocking the level cap. 150 (250 total)
Anita Bonus For each level of Anita Bonus unlocked, you'll get 2 more weight. 2 (Max 30)
Gold Medals Each 50 claimed gold medals earns you 25 weight each, up to 1000 medals. 25 (Max 500)
Farming Minions For each unlocked tier 12 farming minion, you'll earn 5 bonus weight. 5 (Max 50)

More bonus weight sources may be added in the future.


How do I verify my account?

To verify your account, you must link your Minecraft account to your Discord account through Hypixel. There is a tutorial on how to do this on the profile page once you've logged in.

Why are there cheaters on the leaderboard?

Unfortunately, it's hard to identify cheaters. The only way to do so is to manually check every player's farming habits and responsiveness in-game. This is a very time-consuming process, and isn't something that is conclusive. Despite this, cheaters will be removed from the leaderboard if they are found and reported with truly undeniable proof.

Are crop collections accurate?

Yes! Hypixel seems to be counting the amount of farmed crops accurately, so the crop collections are accurate. However, that was not always the case. In the past, Hypixel has had issues with counting farmed crops when a player was in a shared island with another player. This has since been fixed as of November 2nd, 2021. Sadly, there is no way to add back the crops that were lost during this time as the amount lost differed wildly from player to player.

Why isn't farming XP counted?

Farming XP is not counted because it is not a good representation of how much a player has farmed. Outside of one time bonus weight amounts (see above table), farming xp isn't considered. This is to ensure that players who farm using rabbit or who farm higher XP crops don't have an unfair advantage over players who farm using other methods. Farming Weight is meant to balance the skill and time taken to farm each crop.

Why is there an API disabled warning?

In order for the site to see a player's data, the player must enable API access in their Skyblock settings. To do this, go to the Skyblock menu, and click the settings redstone torch button in the bottom row. Then, click the "API Settings" button and enable all API settings (do this for each of your profiles). This will allow the site to see your data. Only collections and skill APIs are used, but it is recommended to enable all APIs for credibility and future-proofing.